Name: Toma

Surname: Alexandru

Date of birth: 13.05.1985

Gender: Male

Occupation – Job: Software Developer – (C#/C/C++/PHP) Programmer  at Romanian Bussines Consult S.R.L.

Studies: Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers ,Bucharest (2004-2009) (bachelor degree – engineer 5 years)

On this site i’ll provide some information regarding my life, my hobbies, my success in work  at my job  etc.

My CV.


Change log for blog:

* 30.06.2011 – started first version. 🙂

* 10.10.2014 – someone hacked my site – all the comments wore lost, with very big efforts restored some of the articles. Disabled comments.

* 20.07.2015 – new layout, activate comments.