10000 With My Bike – Again

I’ve managed to reset again the cyclo meter. This year i made more then 10000 km with my bike. Good bike

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Longest ride that i’ve done – 151 KM

Today i’ve managed to ride more then 151 km. For this is the most important achievement in this year. All the trip took 6h :15 min :28 sec.

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Bucuresti – Ploiesti = 125 KM

Today i’ve managed to make a full round between Bucharest and Ploiesti with my bike. I’m very happy that i’ve made this achievement.

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Another 6666.6 KM with my bike

Today i’ve did it again. In my trip i’ve managed to make my cyclo meter to arrive again on 6666.6 km 😀 This was my trip: I didn’t do any pictures. You can trust me 🙂

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Json Parser

One of my friend asked me what can be a good JSON parser. In past i’ve used Json.Net from NewtonSoft. It is a good an very strong library to use. Is simple to implement as you want.

I’ve attached an project sample, with what i’ve used in my work project. Project for test. Don’t forget to modify it as you want.  

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Get Date Entity

I’ve created an scalar function who returns the following date parts: year, month, day, quarter, week, hour, minute, second, day of year, day of week, date format (yyymmdd, yymmdd, ddmmyyyy, ddmmyy, ddmm, mmdd).

The example of usage is:

The result for this is something like this. Don’t forget to create also the function “FormatDate”  from the previous post. Enjoy and feel free to modify it as you need. 🙂

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Format Date

Next i show to you an scalar function who should return an text  with the date. The format of the date is according to the  @FormatMask  parameter.

The execution for this function should be something like this.

I’ve created an SP for testing this function.

Result of execution is the following.   Feel free to modify it as you need. 🙂

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EAN13 Middle Check Digit

In one of my job project, i’ve needed to implement the middle check digit for EAN13. If you search on internet nobody will tell you how to determine the digit. On of my foreign collegues from Bizerba, gave me the mecanism for the digit calculation. I’ve attached the source code for my implemention. Enjoy and don’t forget to modify it as you need. 🙂

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Business Entity, Data Access Object,Business Component

In this article i will present my implementation for Business Entity and Data Access Object. Generally the access to database object, should be separated in 2 or more layers. In my case i’ve created only 2 layers – DAO and BC. Business Entity – according to MSDN article, the object should be an representation of data. In my case i’ve created an CommonDatabase class who implements ICloneable and IDisposable interfaces. This object is always Serializable.

The Business Entity Object is defined as an inherit object from CommonDatabase:

The Data Access Object – is generally an class who can access the database and execute the Insert,Update,Delete,Select functions. As following …

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10000 With My Bike

Today i’ve managed to turn over cyclo meter counter. In almost 3 years i’ve made more than 10000 km with my Cube Aim. 🙂 I’m very glad that i’ve achieved this. With this bike i’ve made some good trips like : Transfagarasan, Predeal,a lot of trips around Bucharest, my daily trips around Herastrau parc. Good bike 🙂

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